Quantum Fields in Curved Space. N. D. Birrell, P. C. W. Davies

Quantum Fields in Curved Space

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Quantum Fields in Curved Space N. D. Birrell, P. C. W. Davies
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

First to show how to place fermion fields in the bulk. Strings in curved background is a well-studied problem [1, 2]. The fancy new piece of machinery (by then an old hat for string theorists and a really old hat for relativists) was the spin connection which allows us to connect the flat-space formalism for spinors to curved spaces. Goal of this review is to introduce the algebraic approach to quantum field theory on curved backgrounds. Jacobson Introduction to Quantum Fields in Curved Spacetime and the Hawking Effect - 2004). 'Sketchy', in my own sense that some approximations have to be made in the classical solutions of the field equations in the background of a curved space-time and bring these over to the context of a quantum field theory. F.Donoghue, 'General Relativity As An Effective Field Theory: The Leading Quantum Corrections' Phys. But if you want to know things like the rate of radiation and the Temperature spectrum of what comes out, you need to do quantum field theory (QFT) in curved spacetime. For more information about the spin connection in the language of quantum field theory, Bertlemann's “Anomalies in Quantum Field Theory” seems very comprehensive. Usually the semiclassical expansion is formulated using the background field method of quantum field theory (QFT) in Lagrangian framework [3–6]. Marco Benini, Claudio Dappiaggi, Thomas-Paul Hack. Quantum Fields in Curved Space book download Download Quantum Fields in Curved Space Amazon.com: Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime: Quantized. Us that “facts” are very fluid in nature and “verification” is a matter of recordable duplication of observable phenmomena (see: T. Davies, 'Quantum Fields In Curved Space' (Cambridge Univ. Based on a set of As quantum field theories possess infinitely many degrees of freedom, many unitarily inequivalent Hilbert space representations exist and the power of such approach is the ability to treat them all in a coherent manner.

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